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The LPSKKA kickboxers who won medals are Caitlen Nortman, Leandri Peyper, Herman Nieman, Sensei Henno Vogel, Mariska Groenewald, Lezelle Kotze and Sensei Danny Janse van Vuuren.

Local kickboxers in winning form


Nine kickboxers from Limpopo Province Sport Karate/Kickboxing Academy (LPSKKA) brought home 17 medals after recently competing in the national Galaxy Kickboxing Championships in Kempton Park recently.
Sensei Henno Vogel said they are very proud of the students and the number of medals they attained were proof of them knowing what they were doing. He said preparations for their next challenge to be held in Kempton Park on 21 July were well underway. Vogel added that they were aiming to win more medals as the club will be represented by over 20 students.
Caitlen Nortman, two gold; Leandri Peyper, three gold; Herman Nieman, gold and bronze; Mariska Groenewald, silver; Lezelle Kotze gold and bronze; Danny Janse van Vuuren, bronze; André Joubert, gold and two silver and Chris Joubert, silver and bronze.

Story and photo: ENDY SENYATSI