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Dominique du Plessis, Keri-Leigh Wood (SA Teen Ambassador semi-finalist), Elana Moller, Brian Adendorff (Limpopo Tyres owner) and Jaydee van der Merwe.

Limpopo Tyres proudly sponsors SA Teen Ambassador semi-finalist


Limpopo Tyres Polokwane firmly believes in assisting young people to pursue their dreams. In this regard they have sponsored talented local model, model Keri-Leigh Wood of Ace Models Limpopo to enter the Miss South Africa Teen Ambassador Pageant.
Keri-Leigh, a semi-finalist in the pageant, held a workshop at the company on Saturday to educate women on how to change a flat tyre without seeking assistance from men. She said the pageant was all about women empowerment and independence hence the workshop would motivate them to engage in male dominated activities. She added that, as her sponsor deals in tyres hence she wanted to plough back by teaching women to be more independent on the side of the road.
“I was taught how to change a problem tyre by employees at the company so I wanted to share my knowledge and skills with other women. People always say women should seek assistance when they get a tyre burst hence I wanted to change the norm by equipping women with relevant skills. It takes about 15 minutes to successfully change a flat tyre, so why not do it yourself,” Keri-Leigh explained.
The finalists of the pageant are to be announced on Friday in Gauteng and Keri-Leigh was confident that she would make it. Although she only embarked on a modelling career this year she has already made her mark in the industry. Keri-Leigh was happy with the attendance of the workshop and encouraged women to be independent because they are capable like men. She further urged them to chase after their dreams and never be intimidated by their male counterparts.
Limpopo Tyres owner Brian Adendorff indicated that they sponsored Keri-Leigh because it was for a good cause. “We need to help young people to get to a good start in life. Modeling is a good way to establish oneself because it is a worldwide industry. I am hoping that she will win the title and put Limpopo on the map,” Adendorff stated.
He further challenged other companies to support youth by equipping them with relevant skills or sponsoring them financially for them to go after what they love. He wished Keri-Leigh best of luck in the pageant and reiterated that he believes in her talent and skills.

Story and photos: ENDY SENYATSI

Keri-Leigh Wood, SA Teen Ambassador semi-finalist takes out a flat tyre.

Keri-Leigh Wood demonstrates how to safely jack up a vehicle.

Dominique du Plessis receives instructions from Keri-Leigh Wood on how to change a flat tyre.

Limpopo Tyres is the proud sponsor of SA Teen
Ambassador semi-finalist, Keri-Leigh Wood.

SA Teen Ambassador semi-finalist, Keri-Leigh Wood teaches women how to change a flat tyre without men’s assistance.