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Limpopo mortality, causes of deaths


Motor vehicle accidents were the most common cause of non-natural deaths in Limpopo in 2015, according to 2015 statistics released by Statistics South Africa in the organisation’s report on Mortality and Causes of Deaths 2015, released on 28 February. Of all non-natural deaths in the province, 31,9% could be ascribed to transport accidents.
It is stated that 91,2% of deaths in the province could be attributed to natural causes and 8,8% to non-natural causes. Limpopo also reported the lowest percentage of deaths due to non-natural causes in the country.
Other external causes of non-natural death in the province are listed as other external causes of accidental injury (53,6%), intentional self-harm (0,3%), assault (7,3%), event of undetermined intent (5%), complications of medical and surgical care (1,8%) and sequelae of external morbidity and mortality (0,1%).
Some leading underlying causes of death in the province are stated as influenza and pneumonia (7,5%), TB and res­­piratory diseases (6,6%), diabetes mellitus (6,3%), hypertensive and cerebrovascular diseases (5,3%) and HIV-related illnesses at 3%.
HIV was stated to be the “underlying cause” in 95,8% of deaths where disease was the cause of death. Where diseases are the cause of death, 55,5% of deaths were attributed to non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, and 33,4% to communicable diseases.