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Kiley Celliers’ first photo shoot inspired her parents to start Kiley Kreations, a photography company.

Kiley already a model at four weeks old


At only four weeks old Kiley Celliers is the latest gorgeous addition to the Limpopo Beauty Modelling Academy team.
Former beauty queen Katryn Celliers who is managing director of the academy, introduced Polokwane Observer to her newborn baby during an exclusive interview and photo shoot with Kiley on Friday.
The proud mom said she is convinced Kiley is destined for a life as a super model. “She was born on 8 February, on her grandfather’s birthday, weighed 3,44 kg and was 49 cm in length. The doctor commented that she is already very tall,” Celliers, who continued to run her modelling academy throughout her pregnancy, said.
She further said Kiley is a very sweet baby and she and her husband, Charl, are enjoying her immensely. “We are learning as we go along. While she is very good during the day, at night she keeps us on our toes and wakes up quite often,” her proud mom said.
Kiley has already made her mark on the family. “Just before she was born, Charl bought photographic equipment so that we could take the best photos possible when she was born. When we looked at the amazing photos he took of her when she was just a few days old, we realised what huge talent Charl has for photography. And so our new company, Kiley Kreations was born,” Celliers explained.
They both agree Kiley is destined for a modelling career and say they see big things in this little girl’s future. “I knew I would have a girl, I prayed for her!” Celliers concluded.


Kiley Celliers is already a model at the age of four weeks. Holding her is her mom, Katryn Celliers former beauty queen and managing director of Limpopo Beauty Modelling Academy. (Photo: Karen Venter)