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Shamiela Jardien and Fariedah Hendricks who, at the age of 60, recently graded to yellow belt in karate.

Karate grannies on the go


Karatekas Shamiela Jardien and Fariedah Hendricks, both aged 60, are not your ordinary grannies who keep themselves busy baking and knitting at home. They are active members of Yinyang Karate and Self Defence Studio and recently graded to their first belts.
What started as a way of learning self-defence quickly turned into a competitive sport for Jardien and Hendricks who only have praise for club owner Sensei Annatjie de Jager. “She is the biggest inspiration behind our success. We would have gone to the national championships hosted in Rustenburg recently as support team only, but she urged us to learn kata in order to participate and we returned with a silver and two gold medals,” Hendricks said, adding that they are very proud to have graded to yellow belt under De Jager recently.
“We actually looked for something to do to get rid of the stress and frustration and decided on self-defence classes. We do not regret a single day because karate not only keeps us fit but it gives us more confidence. We feel much better and illnesses disappear by the day,” Jardien said.
They agreed on having much higher energy levels, feel much younger and only have one goal in mind to motivate and inspire other people to get active again.
They thanked De Jager for her continuous support and motivation and for constantly pushing them to excel.

Story and photo: RC Myburgh