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JE Auto Body received delivery of their new Carbon System earlier this week. From the left are Ernst du Preez and Hendrik White, Balco Auto Coatings, Elize and Johan Hattingh, JE Auto Body owners, and Dillon Dennis and Roan Cumberlege, Gondolier.

JE Auto Body ahead of their game with latest German auto body repair technology


JE Auto Body in Polokwane became the first auto body repair company in Limpopo to accept delivery of the latest in car body technology, a Carbon System, which will enable them to do auto body repairs they previously were unable to.
The Carbon System was first introduced in Germany in the late 1990s and Gondolier now imports it to South Africa. Balco Auto Coatings is the distributor and Hendrik White, the company’s Technical Regional Manager, expressed his satisfaction at a job well done after delivery was made and training done at JE Auto Body earlier this week.
The Gondolier Technical Sales Team consisting of Roan Cumberlege and Dillon Dennis were also on hand when delivery took place and provided full training to JE Auto Body personnel, which is set to last the entire week.
Cumberlege and Dennis explained that the advantages of investing in the Carbon System are that all non-structural damage can be repaired 100% of the time and the repair time is reduced to the minimum which justifies repair over replacement. “The Carbon System is time efficient, cost effective, delivers higher quality repairs and gives anyone who has it a competitive edge,” they said.
The Carbon System purchased by JE Auto Body has four different components. The first component does the pulling work and forms the base for body panel repairs. It includes a variety of pullers, hammers, cutters, miracle stud machine, hooks, consumables and accessories and is supplied on a handy trolley, to form an all inclusive portable workstation.
The second component is the glue kit, ideal for damage to sills, sidewalls, hoods or rear parts. Up to 80% of the deformation can be shaped back in an extremely short time. The AiroPower press is a universal tool for every body professional and is the third component and makes use of compressed air to get the dents out. The last component is the Airo Eco Kit which extends the flexibility of the AiroPower pneumatic press. With the 19-piece accessory kit one can create various setups for the fast and profitable repair of almost any possible damage.
According to Johan Hattingh, owner of JE Auto Body, the Carbon System means repairs can be done more cost effectively in a fraction of the time previously needed.
“Where we used to be forced to replace seriously dented panels on a vehicle, we can now repair them leaving the vehicle looking brand new,” he explained.
He concluded by saying that the savings in time and money which the Carbon System provides will definitely make a difference to their clients as it will enable JE Auto Body to offer them better prices, a quicker repair time and an even better end result than usual.

Story and photos: KAREN VENTER

The Carbon System.

Dillon Dennis from Gondolier demonstrates how to fasten the eyelets onto a dent prior to pulling the dent out.

Dillon Dennis and Roan Cumberlege from Gondolier demonstrate how quickly and easily the Carbon System works.

A vehicle that was repaired by using the Carbon System.