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Healthcare in province still not on track


The Department of Health was engaged in a meeting yesterday (Wednesday) morning following a press statement issued by the South African Medical Association (Sama) in Limpopo pertaining to a large number of new medical practitioners comprising interns, community service doctors and grade one medical officers reportedly not being paid or only being paid partly or on a lower salary scale last month.
Sama Limpopo last Thursday held a meeting and afterwards said a large number of medical practitioners in the province reported not being paid despite allegations that the department knew in November how many practitioners would commence work in January.
According to the statement the Department of Treasury gave approval for the appointments on 12 January so salaries and benefits could be paid by 31 January. However, some medical officers received salaries for community service medical officers and those in community service were paid the salary of medical interns.
Sama pleaded with MEC Phophi Ramathuba to hold those responsible accountable.
Some sessional doctors at Donald Frazer Hospital also did not receive their salaries but their names were on the roster for duty in February.
“Senior managers are not doing their jobs. One would think they would take care of their medical practitioners in the light of the 75% vacancy rate,” Sama’s media release stated.
No comment has been received from the department at the time of going to press.