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Mighty Tactical Reaction Service (TRS) Director Shabier Valjie attempts to assist a bloodied self-confessed carjacker outside Polo­kwane Police Station after a crime combating operation on Friday night.

Ground crew, air wing deal crime a blow with night op


The odd sight of a bloodied self-confessed car-jacker, perched on his knees below lit South African Police Service (SAPS) signage on a dark city side walk, concluded participation in a combating operation involving a squad of ever committed crime fighters in Polokwane on Friday night.
The involvement in the operation by the Police’s air wing lent a facet of heightened night-time visibility when the combined force of SAPS members and a crew from prominent private security concern Mighty Tactical Reaction Service (TRS) hit on hotspots across the city and immediate surrounds.

A man engages in an argument with the Police during a clampdown on a parking area at a shopping hub in Penina Park, the first stop at any of the en route hotspots on Friday night.

Led by Polokwane Visible Police Commander André Kotze, the night operation that followed foot patrols in the city during the day yielded the arrest of a suspect for alleged possession of a dangerous weapon.
At first the squad set out for the parking lot of a shopping hub in Penina Park where they clamped down on public drinking, before passing through the car park of a busy retail complex in Flora Park and moving on to a notorious open-air drinking spot in Dalmada.
Subsequently it was back to the city for a downtown turn past Dahl, Market and President Kruger streets, where the presence was reportedly appreciated by shoppers and commuters who gawked from busy taxi stands and buzzing sidewalks or poured from retail outlets and taverns to witness feverish spot searches for illegal elements.

Police and a member of Mighty TRS inspect objects found along a walkway at the shopping hub in Penina Park.

After Nirvana the park opposite Tom Naudé Technical High School, which proves to be a popular after-hour hangout for social circles and couples alike, was second last on the list of priorities before the contingent took a drive through the parking space of a popular restaurant in Bendor. Shortly after Kotze wrapped up the nightly operation with a summary of successes and, in his customary manner, commended the all-male component for their efforts.
Upon their return to Polokwane Police Station crime combatants were accosted by the scene of an injured man who reportedly inflicted injury unto himself after allegedly stealing a vehicle at an identified location in the city. Onlookers claimed that he apparently had attempted to report the matter to the community service centre at the station earlier on but was turned away. No amount of convincing from Mighty TRS Director Shabier Valjie or a handful of Police members who just got back from the operation, though, could move the man to abandon the wait for the arrival of his mother and board any of the two ambulances that responded to Valjie’s emergency call.

Regrouping, with the Police chopper hovering above, before the convoy moved on to a shopping complex in Flora Park.

During the course of the operation no shot got fired and no casualty reported, but most evident from the recollections of the happenings of the evening was the perfect synergy that existed between a band of men who worked side by side in the tireless battle to claim back a crime-ridden city and repeatedly put their lives at risk in the execution of their duties or backup to the Police.

Story/photos: YOLANDE NEL


Police officials conduct a search on a luxury vehicle in a car park adjacent to a popular hangout in Bendor.

A vehicle occupied by a couple gets searched in the dark that enshrouded the park opposite Tom Naudé Technical High School at the time.

A search of the park opposite Tom Naudé Technical High School where crime fighters were confronted mostly by ongoing social interaction, discarded liquor bottles and the odd vacant vehicle parked in dark spots.

A member of the crime combating contingent captured at the entrance to a downtown tavern. Inside the revelling continues unabated while a joint force of crime fighters go about conducting their business on the street outside.

A member of the Mighty TRS crew pours liquor from a bottle found in the possession of a member of the public seen to be drinking on a street corner in the city centre late Friday night.

A Police official accosts a man suspected of drinking in public.

A Police official conducts a search at a premises in Dalmada where a group of civilians was gathered at the time of arrival.

Mighty Tactical Reaction Service (TRS) Director Shabier Valjie during a search of members of the public gathered at an open-air drinking spot in Dalmada.

The driver of a vehicle, seen to be hurriedly leaving the Dalmada drinking spot upon sight of the Police, is body-searched.

The lead vehicle in the convoy, which forms part of the Migthy TRS fleet, in the parking area of a shopping complex in Flora Park while the Police helicopter circles the scene.

A Police official with alcohol confiscated in a public space in Flora Park.

Part of the fleet of Mighty TRS vehicles that formed part of Friday evening’s convoy.

Polokwane Visible Police Commander André Kotze addresses the all-male component upon conclusion of Friday evening’s operation.

A Police official displays dagga reportedly discovered discarded in a bin in a taxi ran off Market Street on Friday night.