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Christo Kruger is a certified diagnostic technician that specialises in exclusive German automotive brands.

German Autotec celebrates five years of success


Rina and Christo Kruger started German Autotec, a vehicle repair centre that focuses on exclusive German automotive brands, five years ago to achieve independence and gain more opportunities to grow in their respective careers.
The company also specialises in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) plasma cutting, allowing multi-axis cutting of thick material like steel.
Christo has more than 19 years’ experience in the automotive industry and is a qualified and certified diagnostic technician. “We have all the necessary diagnostic equipment on site to ensure that we can locate and fix any problem with any vehicle as soon and as efficient as possible,” he says, adding that all vehicles are welcome at German Autotec, not only exclusive German brands.
“The only thing we don’t do, is body work. Otherwise we are able to help with any mechanic or electric work.”
Rina is in charge of administration and finances. She is proud to say that the company employs five people and contributes to the local economy. “We are also very proud of the fact that we have loyal clients without whom our business would not have grown the way that it did over the past five years. Our clients are precious to us and we thank them for their continued support.”
The shop operates from 07:30 to 16:30 from Monday to Friday, but is not open on weekends or public holidays. Clients can make use of any preferred towing company to get their vehicles to the workshop, but the Krugers are also happy to arrange tow-in services with a reputable local compay.
German Autotec is situated at 76A Bok Street and easily accessible with off-street parking. The auto repair shop can be contacted on 015 297 2912.

Story and photos: MARKI FRANKEN

Rina Kruger is in charge of administration and finances at German Autotec.