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Dawie van Jaarsveld on Dusty makes a sharp turn.

First Western Mounted Games qualifier big success


Capricorn Western Club hosted the first Western Mounted Games qualifier at Winnfield Stables on Saturday with 63 riders competing.
Club chairperson Mariëtte Engels said all the participants and their horses did exceptionally well. She further reminded the horse riders to love the animal first and the sport second and thanked everyone who assisted in making the challenge a success.
The second qualifier is scheduled for 16 March in Bela-Bela. Engels urged equestrians to register for the next round and cautioned that interested athletes should always make sure that they register at the right level to avoid disappointment. Results for the first qualifier are as follows:
Riders who progress to next level:
South African Western Mounted Games Association (SAWMGA) or South African National Equestrian School Association (Sanesa).
Dalienke Grobbelaar (Diva) 0 – 1.
Sharne Venter (Sharifa) 0 – 1.
Theunis Claassen (Sungir) 0 – 1.
Aydon Venter (Yentl Ramani) 0 – 2.
Lene Kloppers (Nikita) 0 – 1.
Ni Marie Bierman (My free Spirit) 2 – 3.
Siehgard Muller (Drift) 1 – 2.
Savanna Sparrow (Nandi) 1 – 2.
Llewellen Pollard (shikina) 0 – 1
Leane Pollard (Tamire) 0 – 1
Limpopo records:
Cliff Wiggil (Wack) – Single Stake race 10.009.
Wilisna Knox (Shanoo) – Quadrangle 21.200.
Wilisna Knox (Shanoo) – Fig 8 Flag 12.159.
Adrian van Brakel (Saartjie) – Birangle 14.851.
Newby placement:
Clifford Wiggill (Ramsy) – Lev 1.
Ron Sparrow (Rhino) – Lev 3.
Clayton Wiggill (Rossy) – Lev 2.
Gerhard Botha (Performer) – Lev 1.
Monique Lombaard (Ross) – Lev 0.
Dawie van Jaarsveld (Dusty) – Lev 0.
David Beard (Jack) – Lev 0.
Maryke Mong (Sumanu) – Lev 0.
Minette Espach (Paulus) – Lev 0.
Janco Meintjies (Hero) – Lev 0.

Story and photos: ENDY SENYATSI

Clayton Wiggil riding Wack clears a jump.

Gerhard Botha on Ulampies Performer making good time.

Melody Bond and King in action at the first qualifier of the Western Mounted Games on Saturday.