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Learners of Myngenoegen English Private School queue for a turn to fence against head coach Sello Maduma of Sello Maduma Fencing Academy during a recent demonstration at the school. (Photo: Supplied)

Fencing academy reaches out to schools


Sello Maduma Fencing Academy has delivered on its promise to reach out to local schools in an effort to grow interest for fencing as a sport among youngsters.
Coach Sello Maduma visited a number of institutions recently, hosting demonstrations at schools such as Myngenoegen English Private School and Mitchell House as well as at the University of Limpopo.
Maduma emphasised that fencing helps youngsters acquire excellent behavioural habits. “It teaches them to learn to celebrate victory and accept defeat honourably, and to respect the opponent and officials. It increases self-control and improves the way fencers overcome physical and psychological tensions. It helps reduce stress levels and frustrations,” Maduma said.
He added that fencing was, despite being a combat sport, safe to participate in. The fencing gear is designed to protect the fencer and the strict rules and discipline also ensure the safety of the fencer. “Fencers suffer fewer injuries than athletes in other sports. The equipment and clothing are not much more expensive than other popular sports. It is specialised and can last a fencer for many years,” Maduma explained.
In general Maduma indicated that fencing is a sport people of all ages. “It is fun and does not follow a season, meaning one can fence all year round, keeping mind and body fit and healthy.
“Fencers learn to make complex decisions, analyse problems and think quickly on their feet. Fencing also develops abstract thinking as it requires the athletes to combine speed, distance, strength and timing,” he said.
Maduma once again invited all interested to attend training sessions hosted at Eksteen’s karate do jo at the sport and recreational centre next to the old Peter Mokaba Stadium on Tuesday and Thursday from 15:00 to 17:00 for beginners and juniors. Maduma can be contacted on 073 698 2104.

Story: RC Myburgh