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Serena Mc Laren, provincial secretary of the SAVF Limpopo who received the prestigious Sophie Stratford Floating Trophy for walking the extra mile with Tilly Stratford, left, and Graeme Peplar, national president of the SAVF. (Photo: Supplied)

Exciting changes awaiting SAVF


An exciting time of change and growth awaits the SAVF as a whole and more specifically the SAVF Limpopo.
This was revealed by SAVF national president Graeme Peplar who is the first male president in the history of the SAVF which has existed for 113 years, during the SAVF Limpopo’s 20th provincial conference in Lephalale recently.
According to SAVF Limpopo provincial secretary Serena Mc Laren the aim is to bring about transformation in order to ensure that the organisation does not only concentrate and involve a fraction of society. “We want people to know that the SAVF includes everyone regardless of language, gender or race. We also want to encourage younger people to join and assist where possible,” she said.
“We are planning several projects geared at making us self-sufficient. The government subsidies we receive are just not enough on their own.” Mc Laren explained that while the organisation has plenty of volunteers who do things like bake for bazaars and spend time with the elderly, the big need is when it comes to skills such as interior decorating, photography and finances, for example.
Another need is that of first aid supplies and medical services especially psychiatric services. “We used to get a lot of our medical supplies from the government but that has been stopped now.”
Also at the provincial conference were guest motivational speakers Mariette Emslie, Tanya Kaiser and Anice Kruger who each recalled their road to survival in the face of trauma and adversity.
A highlight of the conference was when the SAVF Limpopo committee awarded Mc Laren the Sophie Stratford Floating Trophy.
Polokwane resident, Hantie van Staden, received a special award for having given 50 years of volunteerism to the SAVF Limpopo.
Dawie Lee, manager of SAVF Polokwane received acknowledgement for his role in making Martha Hoffmeyr Tehuis vir Bejaardes an outstanding facility.
Mc Laren further thanked all their sponsors for their contribution which ensured the enormous success of this year’s conference.


Long-time Polokwane resident, Hantie van Staden receives a special award for 50 years of volunteerism to the SAVF Limpopo. With her is Graeme Peplar, national president of the SAVF.

Dawi Lee, SAVF Polokwane manager receives a certificate of gratitude from Graeme Peplar, SAVF national president.