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Zwonaka Malada takes a bite of one of his special hotdogs to draw clients to his stall.

Entrepreneurs sharpen their skills at market day


Friday morning’s market day at Mitchell House provided an opportunity for Grade 7 learners to develop their entrepreneurial skills and earn some pocket money for themselves.
The young vendors set up their stalls by themselves and welcomed clients to their enterprises with colourful and innovative displays. Their merchandise included appetising Indian treats like bunny chows and samoosas, lemonade poop emojis, mini doughnuts and colourful cupcakes and the only requirement was that the entrepreneurs had to prepare and package the items at home.
Entrepreneurial Skills and Management educator for Grade 7, Zara Kimmie said that the learners have completed the theoretical part of their studies in the subject and that the market day provided an opportunity to practice their business and entrepreneurial skills.
“The learners had to present a business plan and could form partnerships or operate as individuals. They had to advertise their businesses and were required to keep records of their expenses and sales. They were finally assessed on their financial records and business plans,” Kimmie explained and added that the vendors were allowed to take up loans to finance their enterprises. “At the end, they had to pay back their loans and after deduction of expenses, they were allowed to retain the profit made,” she said.

Story and photos: BARRY VILJOEN

Zaeem and Juwairiyah Moosa with homemade treats.

Partners Mishaal Latib and Alexsis Govinden with an array of delectable looking merchandise.

Humayd Dada did not take long to sell all of his home-prepared bunny chow.

Zak Benjiman’s bunny chow is a winner, offering value for money.