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Jossey Buthane, EFF Provincial Secretary assists Phehello Maakamedi with his shoes.

EFF reaches out to needy students in Seshego


Members of the Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) Capricorn Region donated 50 pairs of school shoes to impoverished learners of Mponegele Primary School in the Seshego’s Masakaneng area on Monday.
This comes after the need of poor learners and those from child headed families at the school came to their attention. The party’s donation to the Mponegele learners was part of a bigger outreach to different schools in the region.
EFF Provincial Secretary, Jossey Buthane said they wanted to make a difference in the lives of the learners and also contribute to their development.
“This gesture will definitely make a difference in the lives of the children. We want to thank the school management for allowing us to share the little we have with the learners. These learners are the future of the country and we want them to enjoy their learning without any obstacles and not have any reason for not coming to school,” Buthane said.
He remarked that he hoped the gesture would inspire them to become better people in the society in future. “This area of Masakaneng used to be called a place of thugs and we want to change its face. We want learners from this area to be educated and become medical doctors and pilots. We want people to refer to this area as the home of presidents, academics and leaders and to achieve this goal we need to help these learners with resources,” Buthane said.
Hermina Sharoma, an educator and head of department, thanked the party members for coming to the aid of the learners. “We saw the need but could not address it on our own. Most of the learners that school here are from impoverished backgrounds and some came to school barefoot and it was painful to watch. This gesture will definitely boost their confidence and improve their livelihood,” she said.
Ester Molepe, mother to Johanna Molepe, a beneficiary of the donation expressed her joy that her daughter will now look decent when going to school.
“I have three children and am unemployed. There are things I can afford and those I can’t afford. I really struggle to get a full uniform for my daughter. I am happy that she will look like a learner in a classroom,” Molepe said.

Story  & photos: Herbert Rachuene

Educator Hermina Morogwa Sharoma helps Thabang Raphudubudu to put on his new shoes.

Ronny Malema, EFF Regional Chairperson ties Johanna Molepe’s shoelaces.