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Pheladi Rachoshi.

Dux learner wishes to leave lasting legacy at her school


For Pheladi Rachoshi the trophy she received as Northern Academy’s Grade 11 Dux Learner for 2018 last Friday was simply a confirmation of what she always knew, namely that she would be a top performing learner at school.
Pheladi, now in Grade 12, was rewarded for her remarkable results in the 2018 academic year during the school’s Academic Merit Awards ceremony. She dedicated the accolades that had befallen her to all the less fortunate and hardworking learners in rural schools in the province. “I am from a village and I know it is not easy to study under those unfavourable conditions. Some learners have given up because they don’t have resources and they also don’t have a support structure in educators who are committed to the cause. With this award I want to inspire those learners and say to them they can achieve good results through hard work,” she said.
“When I joined the school in 2015 from Namakgale Primary School in Phalaborwa one of my goals was to excel in all academic activities,” she said and that is exactly what she did when she obtained 94% in Business Studies, 88% in Economics, 79% in Physical Science, 91% in Sepedi, 85% in Mathematics, 82% in English, and 80% in Accounting to outsmart and outshine her fellow learners.
“I want to thank my parents for enrolling me at Northern Academy because it provides all the resources that I need to study and learn without any hindrances. The educators are brilliant and they also care about their learners” she said.
She intends to pursue a degree in Biochemistry at the University of Cape Town (UCT) next year. “I love chemistry, I love the chemical and physical principles of living things and of biological processes such as cell development, growth, and heredity. This is one of those so called isolated fields of study, you hardly hear learners talking about the field. I want to increase the number of biochemists in the province and thus address the shortage. I could have chosen any institution but I opted for UCT because it is one of the best universities in Africa.”
As member of the school’s Class of 2019 she wants to help the school to achieve a 100% pass rate this year. “This is my last year and I personally want to do well. I want to leave a long lasting legacy at the school. I want to see all the Grade 12 learners passing with good marks. We have already started with the preparations for the final examination. We have extra lessons every day and we are also studying over the weekends. We want to do well for ourselves and be good ambassadors for the school,” Pheladi said.
Chris Jansen van Rensburg, headmaster of Northern Academy said Pheladi joins a list of hardworking learners in the school. “We have a good history of academic excellence and we will continue rewarding the best of the best. She and other learners have set a good benchmark for others.”
Pheladi’s father, Charles Rachoshi attended the awards and wished her a successful academic journey. “She is a smart and hardworking person. She is committed to her studies and as family we will continue to support all her academic endeavours,” Rachoshi said.

Story: Herbert Rachuene