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The vehicle that was found abandoned in Polokwane Game Reserve last Sunday.

Damaged car abandoned in game reserve


No charges have been registered against the owner of a luxury sedan found abandoned in Polokwane Game Reserve early last Sunday morning after it had apparently left the road the previous day.
A visitor to the facility said his name was the first to be recorded in the visitor’s book at the entrance shortly after 06:45. “I noticed the abandoned vehicle next to the road near the Tom Naudé koppie. Judging by all the empty liquor bottles found along roads in the reserve, it appears that the place is becoming a popular place to socialise,” the source commented.
Communications and Marketing Manager of Polokwane Municipality, Matshidiso Mothapo confirmed that the vehicle was found by municipal officials last Sunday morning. “Traffic officials attended to the matter and no charges were registered. No municipal property or any animals were involved or harmed,” Mothapo said. The owner of the vehicle was not identified.
Mothapo appealed to visitors to the facility to observe the speed limits and always to endeavour not to disturb the habitat. “Also consider fellow visitors,” Mothapo urged.
At the time of going to print, it could not be established when the vehicle had been retrieved.