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Members of JoyRide Cycling Club pose next to some of the goods they delivered to Ba-Abele Drop-In Centre in Ga-Phago village in the Moletjie area. (Photos: Supplied)

Cycling club reaches out to needy children


Polokwane-based JoyRide Cycling Club maintains its support for disadvantaged communities. During the latest of their outreaches they visited the Ba-Abele Drop-In Centre in Ga-Phago village, on Saturday to deliver a donation of non-perishable food, vegetables, fruit, blankets and items of clothing.
More than 30 members of the club rode the 70 km from Polokwane to Ga-Phago to practically demonstrate support to the needy children in the area.
Chairperson Shaun Ramahlodi said their support of the centre will not be a once-off activity but a sustainable one. “We were here last year around this time and we also did the same at Bana Ba Thari Special School last year. We will continue with such initiatives,” Ramahlodi said.
He added that, beyond seeing cycling as recreational and sport, the club sees it as a meaningful contributor to community building. “We have committed ourselves to making sure that the community here in Moletjie gets this facility fenced, structures put in place and have its own life beyond what they currently have. We have used various partners who made donations in addition to individual contributions coming out of our members, hence we were able to put up a fence and establish a vegetable garden,” added Ramahlodi.
Ba-Abele Drop-In Centre looks after 97 disadvantaged children and has been in operation for nine years.
It has serviced the Ga-Phago community with distinction, having some of its earlier members now at high school level.
Manager of the centre, Sophy Ramagoshi was quoted to have said: “We thank the cyclists who have supported us over the past two years. Today we are in a new place and starting a foundation to build a new structure which we shall completely own and control. We will have a good fence and a vegetable garden coming out of the support we received from Joyride Cycling Club.”
Ramahlodi believes that the cyclists are capable of raising awareness and that the contribution they are making should pave the way for others to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds to rise above their current limitations.
He also mentioned that they are currently looking for a charity organisation they can assist in Polokwane and its surrounds.

Story: Herbert Rachuene

Members of the JoyRide Cycling Club on their way to Ga-Phago village.