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Comedy collides with music at À la Carte


Roars of laughter could be heard from afar when the Round Tables Pietersburg 22 and Impala 157 put on their À la Carte show in Polokwane over the weekend.
Every two years members and their spouses present a smorgasbord of comedy and music items to raise money for charity and this year Pathways Polokwane and La Wiida Leersentrum will be the beneficiaries. The final total of the proceeds has not yet been calculated, according to Round Tabler Walter Groenewald.
Opening the evening, masters of ceremony Dario Cremona and Jaco Calitz had the audience in stitches with their witty repartee and by the time the first act began, many people had tears of laughter streaming down their cheeks.
Nadine Hillary’s expressions during the ‘Ladies’ Skit’ were comical and Barend Jacobsz’s energetic ‘Love Story’ was loudly applauded.
The ‘Spice Girls versus Backstreet Boys’ dance-off and the ‘Aerobics Session’ had members of the audience on their feet clapping and cheering.
Several exhausted Round Tablers commented that while the evening was a lot of fun albeit hard work, they were grateful that the next À la Carte will only take place in 2020.

Story and photos: KAREN VENTER

‘Spice Girl’ Phillip Schoeman flirts with the audience.

Lara Kirkpatrick and Nadine Hillary during their ‘Ladies’ Skit’.

Barend Jacobsz tells his ‘Love Story’ with various popular dance moves.

‘Backstreet Boy’ Rita Gutsche and ‘Spice Girl’ Michael O’Toole during a dance-off.

Jaco Calitz, master of ceremonies, had the audience roaring with laughter at his dry sense of humour.

‘Backstreet Boys’ Zachia Schoeman, Nadine Hillary, Arona Becker and Lara Kirkpatrick during their dance-off against ‘Spice Girls’.

Dario Cremona, master of ceremonies, tries to keep a straight face.