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City’s IDP Representative Forum discusses plan


Polokwane Municipality’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and Budget Representative Forum met at Jack Botes Hall on Tuesday to discuss the Projects Phase of the IDP and budget review process.
The meeting was attended by traditional leaders and their representatives, sector departments and role players such as Eskom and Lepelle Northern Water. A series of further meetings with other role players will take place and will involve ward committees, the business sector and others.
Acting Municipal Manager Ndavhe Ramakuela explained the purpose of the meeting and said that the IDP is the principal strategic planning instrument of a municipality which guides and informs all planning, budgeting, management and decision-making processes. “In terms of the Municipal Systems Act, a municipality must establish appropriate mechanisms, processes and procedures to enable local communities to participate in the affairs of the municipality and the IDP Representative Forum is one of the structures that is utilised to drive the process,” Ramakuela said.

According to Ramakuela, the Analysis and Strategies phases of the IDP and budget process have been finalised and the municipality is now busy with the Projects Phase. The Projects Phase must, among others, ensure that concrete and sufficient specified project proposals are designed for use in the next financial year, that stakeholders form part and provide input based on their local needs and that capital and operational projects be considered during the process. “The critical factors of the Projects Phase are: Who is going to benefit from the project, how much is it going to cost, who is funding the project, how long will it take to complete, who is going to manage the project and finally what impact will the projects have in the lives of communities,” Ramakuela said.
Roads and storm water drainage, water, electricity, RDP housing, high mast lights and VIP toilets were identified as the overall top priority needs across the communities.
Acting Executive Mayor Charles Molepo delivered the opening address and Director of Engineering Services Nditsheni Sikhauli provided input on draft projects for the 2017/18 financial year and acting Chief Finance Officer Naazim Essa discussed the 2017/18 budget summary.

Story & photos: BARRY VILJOEN

Polokwane acting Executive Mayor Charles Molepo listens to the representations at the IDP and Budget Representative Forum.

Ward Councillor Mariette Pretorius of the Democratic Alliance in attendance at the forum meeting.