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Car guard’s battle not to be homeless


Car guard Edna van Rooyen does not have an easy life but she is still grateful for that which she has.
Some 10 years ago she was over the moon when her application for an RDP house was approved and she could move in. She was very proud of her little house, which is situated in Seshego, and she immediately began making small improvements where possible.
Last week Polokwane Observer paid a visit to Van Rooyen at her home after she requested help.
Van Rooyen’s home is no longer the neat little gem it was 10 years ago. The walls are cracked and huge chunks of plaster have come loose from the walls. Weeds grow into the house where the walls and the floor meet and there are leaks in the roof. “I sleep at the foot of my bed because I am scared some loose bricks above where I usually lay my head, will fall down in the night and injure or kill me,” she said.
Over and above these problems, she also has the problem of not enough space. “My mom and dad come to stay with me for a couple of weeks at a time. They live in Louis Trichardt and my mom has to come to the Pietersburg Provincial Hospital for treatment regularly. We can barely move around each other in the house, but they have nowhere else to stay when they are in Polokwane,” Van Rooyen explained. She added that with her earning what she can as a car guard, there is just enough money to survive and nothing to repair or improve her house. “I am afraid I will be homeless soon because my house might collapse if I don’t do something.”
Van Rooyen pleaded with anyone who could assist in any way to contact her on 074 278 9115.

Story, photos and video: KAREN VENTER

Edna van Rooyen at the front door of her RDP house in Seshego, which she is afraid will collapse one of these days if she does not do something to repair and improve it.

This RDP house was built 10 years ago and is already in a state of collapse.