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Floyd Maserumule proudly shows the spot where the needle was inserted.

Cappies donors exceed target


With the second semester well underway Capricorn High School (CHS) managed to harvest ten units of blood more than their set target of 56 during their quarterly blood drive held last Thursday.
Irma van der Merwe, educator and SANBS-Polokwane Representative at the school said the drive went particularly well as the school managed to bolster the province’s blood levels with 66 units. She also mentioned that parents were also invited to attend the drive and that those who have not donated at the school yet must please do so in the future. These parents will also receive ongoing notifications on upcoming blood drives at the school she said.
Grade 12-learner, Ronewa Malatji, donated for a second time and encouraged other teens to start donating as soon as they are the legal age. She also said that the needle only stings little in the beginning and the pain goes away soon.
Bongiwe Shitlangu, educator at the school and training to be the school’s new SANBS Representative donated for the 11th time and feels compelled to save people’s lives by donating.
Floyd Maseremule, Grade 11 learner, donated for his first time and said that it felt great to donate but the insertion of the needle hurt a bit. Fellow Grade 11 learner Junior Mavhunda said the needle doesn’t bother him any more since the idea of saving a life far outweighs the pain of a jab.

Story and photos: THINUS DU TOIT

Junior Mavhunda says he’ll gladly suffer the pain if he can help save lives.

Educator Begwi Shitlangu proudly sits through her 11th donor session.