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An alleged drug dealer is pinned to the ground by crime fighters after he was cornered in Suid Street on Friday. He allegedly tried to slit his own throat while in the back of the Police van. Right: A syringe clearly visible in the door panel.



The fight against drug peddling in Polo­kwane took on a different look altogether when two suspects, one a teen, attempted to take their own lives when arrested the past few days. During the first incident on Friday local crime fighters and Police clamped down on a suspect driving along Suid Street following up on a tip-off. When Polokwane Observer arrived on the scene the vehicle’s door was open and syringes clearly visible in the storage compartment of the door. Two female occupants were seated on the pavement and the driver had already been loaded into the back of the Police van.
A Police officer on the scene noticed something out of place and looked through the bars of the van. He immediately called for assistance to remove the suspect from the vehicle. The suspect had somehow gotten hold of a broken bottle in the back of the van and tried to slit his own throat, it was learnt.
The suspect’s hands were tied behind his back before the incident and Police secured him by tying his feet as well to avoid further injuries before he was taken to the Police station.
In a separate incident community members of Extension 75 on Monday rescued a young boy thought to be between 17 and 18 years of age, who allegedly tried to hang himself after he was accosted for reportedly selling dagga.
According to a source in the area the community members approached the young boy who was suspected of selling dagga. During the interrogation community members found dagga in his possession. The boy allegedly became scared and ran towards a nearby house belonging to his uncle with community members giving chase. They were told by the uncle that the boy was scared because a drug lord was seemingly paying him to sell drugs.
The source said while the uncle was still trying to explain, community members stormed into the house where they found the boy hanging from a rope. They quickly cut the rope and the boy was taken for medical observation.
The source revealed that the boy was apparently a drop-out who was supposed to repeat Grade 11 this year but had decided not to return to school.
Provincial Police Communications Head Motlafela Mojapelo could at the time of going to print not confirm any of the incidents.

Story: RC Myburgh