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Burst water pipe causes havoc


Amidst major road construction works in the same street, a main line water pipe ruptured in Devenish Street in the CBD last Wednesday at peak time and further disrupted traffic flow for more than an hour while a number of business premises were flooded. Water supply to businesses in the area was also disrupted and only restored on Thursday.
Thousands of litres of water went wasted before the water supply was turned off by the municipality and the surplus water in the pipes was allowed to be drained. “I fail to understand why it took the municipality nearly two hours to cut off the supply,” a shop owner who wished to remain anonymous said. Branch Guide of Old Mutual in Devenish Street, Freddy Matsaung, last Thursday told Polo­kwane Observer that there was a loud bang that sounded like an explosion and that stones and debris were propelled into the air before the water from the pipe gushed metres into the air and into the business’ forecourt.
An official of the municipality later explained on site that there were two contractors working on the roads at that specific point and that it was not at this stage possible to say whether the pipe burst spontaneously or whether it had been damaged by either of the contractors. The official also wished to remain anonymous.

Story, video & photos: BARRY VILJOEN

Water from a burst water pipe in Devenish Street disrupts traffic at peak time Wednesday afternoon. (Photo: Supplied)

Municipal workers busy excavating the area where the water pipe burst in Devenish Street.

Lebogang Matabane and Jobrina Mabotja of a business in Devenish Street, mop up water after the premises was flooded last Wednesday afternoon.

Branch Guide of Old Mutual, Freddy Matsaung looks at the damage that was caused by the burst water pipe that flooded the business’ forecourt.