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Spokesperson for Polokwane Municipality, Thipa Selala.

BREAKING NEWS – Water shortages possible next Thursday, Friday


Consumers in the city and surrounds may experience water shortages next Thursday and Friday due to a planned supply shutdown at the Olifantspoort water treatment works.
Spokesperson for Polokwane Municipality, Thipa Selala said in a media release that the municipality has been informed by Lepelle Northern Water that the shutdown is necessary to allow for repairs the bulk pipeline to the city reservoirs, connection of a by-pass and repairs to non-return valves.
“Polokwane Municipality urges all users to continue using water sparingly. The municipality further urges all to report water related challenges promptly to the water call centre on 015 290 2376 / 2629 so that the water team can respond and come to the aid of the affected,” Selala said and added that it may take some time for the reservoirs to rehabilitate after the work has been completed.
In addition, Selala advised consumers not to irrigate gardens or wash cars using a hosepipe, to turn off water while soaping up and brushing teeth, to take shorter showers and never to pour water down the drain while there may be another use for it, such as watering plants or cleaning.