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Bystanders assisting the driver of one of the vehicles to exit the car from the front passenger door.

BREAKING NEWS – Three vehicle crash brings traffic to standstill


Traffic came to a standstill after three vehicles collided on the corner of Marshall and Gen Joubert streets around 08:00 this morning (Thursday).
Although no fatalities were reported, one of the vehicles landed on its side and eyewitnesses assisted the driver to exit the car using the passenger front door. The cries of a female driver whose car had turned onto its side attracted people to the scene and the majority of female bystanders were concerned about the possibility of children being passengers. One of the vehicles involved belongs to the Department of Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure and none of them had any passengers on board.
The two female drivers claimed the male driver bumped into forcing the state vehicle to spin and the other car land on its driver’s side.
Paramedics arrived soon but none of the persons involved had any injuries and no one was taken to hospital.

Story & photos: ENDY SENYATSI

A vehicle belonging to the Department of Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure sustained damage to its driver door during the accident.

Serious damage to the front of a vehicle, one of three involved in this morning’s accident.