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Commuters on the scene in Munnik Street earlier this morning (Monday) where a minibus and trailer allegedly on its way to Zimbabwe caught fire. Photo: Marinda Bekker

BREAKING NEWS – Taxi, trailer catch fire in city


No injuries were reported following an incident during which a minibus taxi and trailer were destroyed after it allegedly caught fire in Munnik Street early this morning (Monday).
Neither Polokwane not Provincial Police spokespersons Lesiba Ramoshaba and Moatshe Ngoepe could be reached this morning (Monday) for comment but according to an emergency worker on the scene the minibus was en route to Zimbabwe and carried an unknown number of passengers.
The source alleged that the driver had reportedly seen flames coming from the vehicle and stopped immediately. All the passengers managed to escape unharmed while vehicle was engulfed in flames within minutes, he explained.
Passengers were still on the scene this morning trying to salvage some of their belongings from the trailer.

Story: RC Myburgh