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BREAKING NEWS – Seshego remains no-go zone amid unrest


Seshego reportedly remains a no-go zone as flaming unrest continues following masses of protesters having taken to the streets in the morning hours. The situation has a bearing on scores of commuters being trapped in the settlement as roads are being barricaded.
Photos from the trouble zone depict the burning of objects in hotspots in Seshego, Madiba Park, Legae-la-Batho and Extension 44 amid protest allegedly relating to a service delivery issue.
In the latest update Provincial Police spokesperson Moatshe Ngoepe said the Police contingent on the scene was being reinforced as the protest action continued, roads remained closed and tyres were being burnt.
From different corners it was learnt that residents of Seshego and Moletjie working in town remain trapped or are using alternative routes to get to town.