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The head office building of Lepelle Northern Water in the city.

BREAKING NEWS – LNW offices evacuated after fire threat


The office building of Lepelle Northern Water (LNW) in the city was evacuated and personnel sent home for the weekend earlier this morning (Friday) after smoke was detected in the building, setting off the fire alarms and fire protecting equipment.
LNW Spokesperson, Simon Mpamonyane said that office personnel noticed smoke in the offices and were quite scared by the threat of a fire. “Fire alarms started ringing terribly, whereupon all employees vacated their offices. Polokwane Fire Services was called on site and after having thoroughly checked the building it was reported that the problem was on cables. A contractor was engaged and traced the fault on one of the electricity supply pipes,” Mpamonyane said.
According to Mpamonyane, the safety of LNW’s employees and the public is a priority for LNW and all employees were released to retire to their homes until Monday.
“Fortunately, there were no casualties. The Chief Executive and managers of Lepelle Northern Water wish to appreciate the steps taken by its employees during the crisis,” Mpamonyane concluded.

Story & photo: BARRY VILJOEN