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BREAKING NEWS – Gruesome find on worksite


Human remains were discovered buried in a shallow grave at the corner of Pietersburg and Hill streets in Ladanna today (Thursday) by a team of labourers digging a ditch for the installation of fibre cables. The shocking discovery was made around 15:30 by one of the labourers, Siyamcela Sonkwela who said he was scared that he dug up electric cables.
He further said he got the shock of his life when he pulled out a bone that came out with human skull. Sonkwela who is originally from Durban told Polokwane Observer that he called the team of labourers to the scene to see the remains before contacting the project manager. When asked if he need see a psychologist, he firmly refused and stated that he came to work for his family so he will continue working.
The site manager, Vengai Runanga stated that he was at a shopping mall when he received a call and all he did was to advice the team to call the police. He further said he arrived with the police at the same time and could not believe what he saw. Runanga emphasised that they started with the project yesterday (Wednesday) and reiterated that they will continue working regardless of what they have discovered. He further said the body was buried about 1 metre under the soil. He stated that bones they found can complete a human structure.

Story: Endy Senyatsi
Photos: Supplied