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BREAKING NEWS – 222 schools to start the year without textbooks


Some 222 schools across the province are likely to start the 2018 academic year without textbooks due to late placement of orders by schools.
Department of Education Spokesperson, Sam Makondo said 3 600 out of 3 822 schools in the province ordered books in time. He said late orders were placed with the publishers and the delivery to schools is expected to take place on dates that are not yet known.
He said textbooks for Grade 4 to 12 learners were delivered to schools that placed the orders by 15 December. Makondo revealed that the department is not providing new textbooks for all the learners but rather topping up on the old ones and reiterated that parents should remind their children to return textbooks to schools. He said learners are expected to be responsible enough to know that textbooks must be returned to schools at the end of each academic year.
“Stationery packs have been delivered to all schools across the province and the South African Post Office is delivering Grade R to 3 study materials to schools. Delivery is expected to be finalised this week,” he stated.
When asked if it was an easy process for schools to place orders, Makondo said the department distributes catalogues and order templates to schools. Schools select textbooks to place orders and submit to the district offices via circuit offices, he explained and added that district offices capture and upload the school orders on the system.
He further said the Provincial office placed orders with the publishers who are expected to deliver the books to the central warehouse and the South African Post Office is contracted to deliver books to individual schools in the province. According to Makondo, the process is running smoothly and pledged that the department would process whatever complaints to strengthen the system.