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The Aucor/De Beers team celebrate the launch of Aucor Limpopo at Venetia Mine. (Photos: Supplied)

Aucor and De Beers break new ground in Limpopo


The launch of South Africa-based auction house, Aucor’s Limpopo branch at Venetia Mine last Thursday, is a ground-breaking and first-of-its-kind partnership between Aucor and De Beers South Africa.
Aucor Limpopo also held its first official auction to coincide with the launch that was attended by local government dignitaries and officials and members of Aucor and De Beers management.
“The opening of Aucor Limpopo is a true step towards our commitment to transformation and empowerment. We have directly involved members of the local community that surround the De Beers Venetia Mine and partnered with the owners of a local auction house, Amagidi Auctions, as majority shareholders in this venture,” Jacques van der Linde, Aucor Bloemfontein Managing Director is quoted to have said at the launch.
“The partnership with both De Beers and the local community is a market leading venture. Aucor’s aim for the joint venture is to generate financial independence for the region while creating sustainable, long-term empowerment for its people,” added Van der Linde.
Van der Linde also said that the aim of the new venture was to grow the skills and scope of Aucor’s community partners. “In turn, we will be growing the Aucor brand and teach the locals about the intricacies of the auction industry whilst maintaining Aucor’s high standards and credibility,” Van der Linde reportedly said.
At the launch, Gerrie Nortjé, Venetia Mine General Manager is quoted to have said that supplier development was still a major focus for the mine as it forms part of the transformation agenda of the socio economic landscape of the people. “The launch today is yet another great example of how we are committed to build strategic partnerships and empower businesses from our local communities,” Nortjé said.
Fanie Bielderman, Aucor Senior Executive and Spokesperson acknowledges that the company has grown because of its solid foundation.
“Aucor’s years of diverse industry experience places us at the forefront of auctions within Southern Africa. We aim to continue implementing forward thinking strategies to allow our staff, buyers and sellers the ability to experience an unmatched, seamless auction experience,” he said.


Jacques van der Linde, Aucor Bloemfontein Managing Director addresses guests at the launch of Aucor Limpopo.

The Aucor Limpopo auction at Venetia Mine.