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Stefan Kruger, Apcan Polokwane Branch Manager.

Apcan Armed Reaction celebrates first anniversary


Community mindedness prompted the Apcan Group’s Polokwane Branch to launch its Armed Reaction Unit and over the past year, this division of the security firm has gone from strength to strength.
General Manager Stefan Kruger says he considers all clients personal friends and they asked for an armed reaction unit, coupled with alarm system installations in Polokwane. “We opened our Polokwane branch in January 2012 and set up a security guard service that quickly became very successful. Our clients who made use of our security guard services asked for an armed reaction unit and we were happy to comply,” he says.
Apcan Armed Reaction guards are highly trained and regularly undergo rigorous supplementary training. “Before they can even be appointed they have to have a Grade C qualification from the Private Security Regulatory Authority (Psira), complete a Psira armed reaction course and hold a hand gun competence certificate for business purposes,” Kruger explains.
“We send them on quarterly courses in advanced driving and visit a shooting range once a month. It is important to keep training our guards to the highest standards and to ensure that these skills are so instilled that it becomes muscle memory that kicks in during emergency situations.”
Apcan Polokwane’s Armed Reaction Unit has three cars on the road 24-hours a day, seven days a week and have an average response time of three minutes.
The unit focuses on prevention and anticipation through ongoing monitoring and intelligence gathering which in turn creates superior responses. Apcan offers commercial, residential and corporate services in the city.
Kruger, who has 24 years’ experience in the security industry, stresses that the Armed Reaction Unit’s focus is the safety of the Polokwane community. “When I started this branch, my only goal was to serve the community. Apcan believes in people and in community service. That is why our armed guards will help anyone in need, whether they have an Apcan security system in place or not. Our guards have even intervened in ongoing robberies on the street when they happened upon it,” he says. Apcan Polokwane received a certificate of excellence from the Sector 2 CPF in recognition of the work that they do to make the city a safer place.
The intrepid team behind Apcan Polokwane’s Armed Reaction Unit comprises Gerhard Lubbe, Technical Manager and Sales Representatives George Hatzikyriacos and Riaan Wagner.
For more information contact Apcan Polokwane on 015 295 4030 or contact Hatzikyriacos directly on 076 174 4268 and Wagner on 076 790 4962. Their offices are situated at 6 Woodbush Street in Ladine.

Story and photos: MARKI FRANKEN

Gerhard Lubbe, Apcan Polokwane Armed Reaction Technical Manager with the certificate of excellence they received from the Sector 2 CPF.

George Hatzikyriacos, Sales Representative.

Riaan Wagner, Sales Representative.

An armed response vehicle in the Apcan fleet.